About me

About me

Hi there, I’m Fikar - aka mohzulfikar 👋

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I’m a Student, Developer, and Open-source Enthusiast!!

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning about distributed system
  • 👯 I’m looking to collaborate with other maintainer
  • 🗣️ I’m looking for speakers opportunity in the community
  • 🥅 5 Years Goals: Creating Multiple Post (30+) to Share my Knowledge :)

Connect with me:

mohzulfikar.me mohzulfikar0 | Twitter mohzulfikar | LinkedIn

Languages and Tools:

AWS Docker Ansible Kubernetes Python Bash Git GitHub Terminal

Cool Things TO-DO

Upcoming Post(s)

  • AWS Lightsail
  • Regex In One Page
  • Regex In One Page [ID]
  • Dapr Building Blocks
  • Dapr in K8s vs VMs
  • K8s Journey [ID]
  • And many In One Page series coming…

:zap: Curriculum Vitae [My CV](./Mohammad_Zulfikar_CV.pdf)
:zap: Recent GitHub Activity 1. 🗣 Commented on [#4](https://github.com/CiscoCXSecurity/enum4linux/issues/4) in [CiscoCXSecurity/enum4linux](https://github.com/CiscoCXSecurity/enum4linux) 2. 🎉 Merged PR [#222](https://github.com/Py-Contributors/awesomeScripts/pull/222) in [Py-Contributors/awesomeScripts](https://github.com/Py-Contributors/awesomeScripts) 3. ❕ Opened an Issue [#10](https://github.com/divisi-security-poros/Arsip-WU/issues/10) in [divisi-security-poros/Arsip-WU](https://github.com/divisi-security-poros/Arsip-WU)
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